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Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Moldova

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

Development and promotion of a modern and democratic media environment in the Republic of Moldova

Ausgangslage und Zielsetzung

This project will contribute towards facilitating freedom of expression by giving all citizens a possibility to present their ideas to others via open and transparent media environment. They will develop and strengthen media in Moldova. This initiative will facilitate policy dialogue between citizens, civil society organizations and local and national authorities. Various media NGOs, as well as journalists, will participate in trainings, which will introduce them to European best practices in fighting censorships, abuse and intrusion into media editorial policy. At the same time, members of Coordinating Council on Audiovisual, so as the Observers Council, MPs will be empowered with arguments, real time information on journalists’ necessities and daily constraints. The policy notes will point out the constraints in media law enforcement and will elaborate recommendations to ameliorate media climate.

Specific objectives:

  • Situation assessment concerning the compliance of the main instruments ensuring the exercise of the freedom of expression, freedom of media and economic media freedom in Moldova

  • Consolidation of dialogue between mass-media and public officials

  • Research and point out of legal impediments for the selected issue

  • Raise awareness of the general public regarding the necessity to edify a modern and democratic media environment in Republic of Moldova

Total duration of the action 12 months. 


Leipzig und Chisinau

Projektleiter vor Ort:

Laura Bohantov


Dr. Marina Dumbrava

In Partnerschaft mit

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