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Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Moldova

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

Development and promotion of a modern and democratic media environment in the Republic of Moldova


- 12 articles published through network of local newspapers

- 20 trained journalists in areas as: covering media topics for media and general public, dissemination of best practices, legal and advocacy issues

- 4 regional debate clubs, who will gather media representatives and Parliament Commission on culture, education, research, sports and mass-media and editor-in-chiefs

- number of proposals and initiatives from the regional debate clubs; number of distributed promotional materials; number of public persons who will sign the Agreement of Non-Involvement in Editorial Media Policy; number of press-releases; number of interviews with the project team, requested by journalists; number of media pieces covering the issue published in the implementation period

- 3 policy studies on the issue;

- 3 focus-groups to test the promotional messages and to evaluate the impact of the project, so as reveal the most sensitive issues;

- 2 roundtables, 50 participants each, with stakeholders (MPs, Coordinating Council on Audiovisual - CCA, Observers Council of IPNA Teleradio-Moldova, professional associations of mass media, international donors);

- 12 newsletters;

- a Strategy for media sector development, to be adopted by the Parliament and to be implemented by the Ministry of Justice;

- a Roadmap for Europeanization of media environment



The best practices of the media in the Republic of Moldova / Cartea alba a mass-media moldovenesti  (Hrsg.: Marina Dumbrava, Ghenadie Mocanu)  (eine Studie im Rahmen des EU-Projektes  “Development and promotion of a modern and democratic media environment in Republic of  Moldova”, gefördert vom EU-Medienförderungsprogramm);


Leipzig und Chisinau

Projektleiter vor Ort:

Laura Bohantov


Dr. Marina Dumbrava

In Partnerschaft mit

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